Sacramento, CA – The California Housing Consortium (CHC) applauds the Assembly Appropriations Committee’s approval today (5/26) of AB71 (Chiu) and AB 72 (Santiago). Both measures are critical to jumpstarting affordable housing production and easing the housing crisis ravaging the state.

“We are encouraged by the actions taken today by the Assembly Appropriations Committee, and the recognition that intervention is urgently needed to help families with children, college students, veterans and elderly Californians who are struggling to keep even a single roof over their heads,” said California Housing Consortium Executive Director Ray Pearl. “It’s decisions of the past at the state and local levels that have worsened the affordability crisis Californians now face. The Legislature has the power to change that, and they are taking important steps to help create a path forward and ease this crisis.”

AB 71 (Chiu) would end a costly vacation home tax subsidy to provide affordable homes that is crucial for families to afford their first homes. AB 72 (Santiago) would strengthen the state’s ability to enforce laws that require local governments to achieve housing goals. Both measures would stimulate additional job creation through federal, local and private investment without affecting the state General Fund.