Evan Becker
Evan Becker Consulting

Elizabeth Bluhm
E Bluhm Consulting

Kasey Burke
Meta Housing

Rushmore Cervantes
General Manager
Los Angeles Housing & Community Investment Department

Cécile Chalifour
Senior Vice President
Low Income Investment Fund

Dave Cogdill
California Building Industry Association

Tom Collishaw
President and CEO
Self Help Enterprises

Bernard T. Deasy
Merritt Community Capital Corporation

Tom Dixon
Vice President
Boston Capital

Lucy Dunn
President & CEO
Orange County Business Council

Susan Friedland
Executive Director
Satellite Affordable Housing Associates

Richard Gerwitz
Managing Director
Citi Community Capital, Citigroup Global Markets, Inc.

Chris Gouig
Housing Authority of Alameda County

Alan Greenlee
Executive Director

Matt Grosz
Senior Vice President
Red Stone Equity Partners

Lisa Gutierrez
Vice President
US Bank

Josh Hamilton
Vice President
Century Housing

Bill Huang
Housing Director
City of Pasadena

Alfred Izmajtovich
Executive Vice President
Cesar Chavez Foundation

Janice Jensen
President & CEO
Habitat for Humanity East Bay Silicon Valley

Maria Joyce
VP, National Products & Programs
Bank of America Merrill Lynch

John Kauh
Senior Vice President, Community Lending and Investment
Wells Fargo Bank

Michael Lane
Policy Director
Non Profit Housing Association of Northern California

Olson Lee
Mayor’s Office of Housing, City of San Francisco

Cynthia Parker
BRIDGE Housing Corp

Jeanne Peterson
Managing Member
Peterson & Associates Affordable Housing Connections

Sue Reynolds
President & CEO
Community Housing Works

Steve Russell
Executive Director
San Diego Housing Federation

Pat Sabelhaus
Law Offices of Pat Sabelhaus

Ken Sauder
Wakeland Housing & Development

John Seymour
Vice President
National CORE

Richard Shea
Senior Vice President
City Real Estate Advisors

Beth Southorn
Executive Director

John Tastor
Area Executive Vice President
Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management

Ronnie Thielen
Executive Vice President
R4 Capital Inc

Aaron Wooler
Managing Director
Hunt Mortgage Group

Jacqueline Waggoner
Vice President
Enterprise Community Partners

James E. Yacenda
Vice President
Federal Home Loan Bank

Kevin Zwick
Housing Trust Silicon Valley