On January 4, the State Senate introduced a package to tackle homelessness in California. Among other things, the proposal:

  • Bonds against the remaining Prop. 63 MHSA revenue stream to create a $2 billion in revenue bonds for the construction of permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless persons with mental illness
  • Requests $200 million, over 4 years, of general fund money to provide supportive housing in the shorter-term, rent subsidies, while the permanent housing is constructed or rehabilitated
  • Supports the CalWORKs Housing Support Program and a new “Bringing Families Home” pilot project, a county matching grant program to reduce homelessness among families that are part of the child welfare system.
The announcement did not provide any additional specifics on the programs and it comes out just in advance of the Governor’s budget, which will be released on Thursday at 10am.