H.R. 1 Tax Reform Action Alert

On Thursday, November 2, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) unveiled their long-awaited tax reform plan.  H.R. 1, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, delivers substantial tax cuts, including a significant reduction in the top corporate income tax rate. To offset the cost of the cuts, many current tax incentives are eliminated or substantially […]

CHC Submits Comment on TCAC Fall 2017 Proposed Regulations

Thank you for the opportunity to provide comment on TCAC’s proposed regulatory changes.

Legislature Takes Action on Key Bills with the Support of Governor Brown

After years of tireless work, CHC is thrilled to share that the legislature has finally taken action to turn the tide on the housing catastrophe. Late last night and today, the Legislature took action on our key bills with the support of Governor Brown. It took tremendous collaboration, advocacy and education to move legislators from […]

Housing Leaders Applaud Sweeping Legislative Action to Turn Tide on Housing Catastrophe

California’s housing community is proud to have turned the tide on the crushing housing catastrophe by pressing for record-setting investment in affordable homes and removing barriers to building safe places for struggling Californians to live.

CHC Submits Comment on TCAC Opportunity Maps

Thank you for the opportunity to provide comment on TCAC’s Opportunity Maps and potential regulatory changes to promote large-family, new construction developments in high opportunity areas.

Too many Californians are too close to homelessness. Lawmakers, don’t fail them now

Democrats in the Legislature are right. What California is experiencing isn’t merely a housing crisis. It’s a housing “catastrophe” – and after years of stalemates and inaction, it’s encouraging that many at the Capitol are finally starting to treat it like one.

California Lawmakers Reach Agreement on Affordable Housing Bond

Governor Jerry Brown and Democratic leaders in the Senate and Assembly have reached a deal on a $4 billion bond measure to fund affordable housing in the state. The measure addresses one cause of California’s affordable housing crisis: a lack of state funding to construct homes for low-income residents.

Affordable housing advocates at the Capitol urging CA Legislature to go ‘Big and Bold’ to fight the state’s housing crisis.

With solutions in front of the CA Legislature, advocates called on them to pass a package of bills to begin to address the State’s housing crisis and  #BringCAHome. 

Let’s Seize Opportunity to Turn Tide on Housing Catastrophe

The Legislature is back in session after a month-long recess, and housing advocacy organizations and partners are eager for action. Why? We haven’t seen urgency from state leaders to act on the state’s housing crisis and an opportunity to make an affordable housing bond and other critical legislative solutions a reality in years. (Click here […]

Housing Reform Can Benefit Builders, Buyers, Workers

Californians increasingly are sacrificing time with family to make four- and five-hour round-trip daily commutes to their jobs in high-cost coastal cities. Working families in places like Sacramento and Stockton are seeing their rents skyrocket because of a surge in demand from people who have been priced out of markets like San Francisco.