On March 10, CHC had a successful Lobby Day in Sacramento!

The day started with an update from state agency heads. Tia Boatman-Patterson, Executive Director at CalHFA, discussed the governor’s reorganization plan and various loan products at CalHFA. Susan Riggs, Deputy Secretary for Housing at the BCSH Agency announced that applications for the AHSC program totaled $800 million for only $120 million available in funding, with a cross agency team meeting this week to decide which applications will move forward. Mark Stivers, Executive Director at CTCAC, and Jeree Glasser-Hedrick, Executive Director at CDLAC, provided a summary on their statewide listening tour and ideas they received for comprehensive reform of TCAC/CDLAC regulations.

CHC members then heard from legislative housing staff, Zack Olmstead with the Office of the Speaker, Lisa Engel with the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee, and Alison Dinmore with the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee.

During the afternoon,  CHC members met with key legislators and their staff. Assemblyman Scott Wilk, co-author of AB 35, and Senator Bob Hertzberg, chair of the Senate Governance and Finance Committee, spoke together, highlighting the bipartisan nature of affordable housing. Assemblyman Ed Chau, chair of the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee, focused on his bill AB 733 which will address density bonus reforms to help promote more dense, affordable housing.

The group also met with Assemblyman David Chiu, author of AB 35,  Senator Connie Leyva, member of the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee, Assemblyman Miguel Santiago, co-author of AB 1335, the Office of Assemblyman Kevin Mullin, member of the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee, the Office of Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez, chair of the Assembly Appropriations Committee, and the Office of Assemblyman Phil Ting, chair of Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee.