Lifetime Achievement

Arnold Sternberg
Tapped by Governor Jerry Brown in 1974 to run what would become the state’s Department of Housing and Community Development, he played a key role in crafting significant housing legislation, redevelopment reform bills, rural and farmworker grant and loan funds, as well as various landlord tenant reforms. Later he served as Executive Director of Burbank Housing Development Corporation in Sonoma County. And today, he continues to push for housing element compliance in California.

Senator Alan Cranston
In Memoriam Sen. Cranston passed away in 2000 after a full life of service that included 25-years in the US Senate working on behalf of California for numerous social justice and housing issues. The Cranston-Gonzales National Affordable Housing Act of 1990 was important legislation helping to ensure the continued creation of thousands of homes for low-income Americans.

Don Terner
In Memoriam In 1996 the affordable housing industry suffered a tremendous loss when Don Terner was among those tragically killed in plane crash over Bosnia during a rebuilding mission lead by former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown. As a professor, as a Director of California’s Department of Housing and Community Development, and especially as a founder and President of BRIDGE Housing Corp., a leading California-based non-profit housing developer, Don brought an enthusiastic ‘whatever-it-takes’ attitude to planning, building techniques, and financing strategies to promote the creation of affordable, attractive housing throughout the state. He was a dynamic voice in advocating for affordable housing and continues to inspire today.


Private Sector

The Related Companies of California
The Related Companies of California has been responsible for over 6,000 units of housing across California and has another 2,500 units in the pipeline. What makes Related uniquely effective is the range of housing they produce and their special ability at joint ventures with local non-profit organizations. Related’s projects include HOPE VI for very-low income and public housing residents, HUD ‘preservation’ projects which help ensure continued affordability for low-income households, senior housing, mixed-income apartments, and in Downtown Los Angeles the Grand Avenue project in Bunker Hill – one of the largest urban redevelopment projects in the country.

Non-Profit Sector

Christian Church Homes
Since 1961, Christian Church Homes has developed and currently manages over 5,000 units of affordable senior housing in 55 facilities around the nation and throughout California.

Community Housing Improvement Program
Established in 1973 as collaboration between the Chico State University and the City of Chico, CHIP has developed more than 1,700 housing units in a six county region of the rural northern Sacramento Valley focusing primarily on the creation and preservation of homeownership for low-income households.

EAH was established in 1968 and currently manages 6,500 units. The organization plays a key leadership role in federal, state and local affordable housing advocacy efforts.

East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation
Created in 1975 around the dream of buying and preserving a beautiful but deteriorated warehouse in Oakland’s Chinatown, EBALDC has helped create over 900 affordable apartments and townhouses in 13 developments; 97 first time home ownership units; 230,000 square feet of space for community organizations.

Eden Housing
Eden Housing was also founded in 1968 and in the past 38 years, Eden has created over 4,700 units of affordable housing-rental, homeownership, supportive housing, co-ops-that have provided homes for over 15,000 Northern Californians.

Human Investment Project
Since it’s founding in San Mateo in 1972, HIP Housing’s Home Share program is the largest in the nation having served over 13,000 individuals.


Mid-Peninsula Housing Coalition
Mid-Peninsula Housing Coalition (MPHC) is one of the largest and most successful non-profit developers of affordable housing in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay regions, having designed & built or acquired & rehabilitated – and now manage – nearly 5,500 units of affordable housing since 1970.

Oakland Community Housing, Inc.
Since 1973, OCHI has developed nearly 1200 units of affordable housing in 22 different projects in Oakland and other East Bay locales, providing homes for more that 3,000 individuals.


Palo Alto Housing Corporation
Established in 1970, PAHC has developed, acquired and managed over 600 units of low and moderate-income housing in Palo Alto and the San Francisco Bay Area.

People’s Self-Help Housing
People’s Self-help Housing was established as a community based organization and since 1970 over 1,000 homes and more than 1,200 rental units have been developed, and over 3,000 housing rehabilitation and homes repair projects have been completed throughout California’s Central Coast.

Rural Community Housing Development Corporation
Since 1975, RCHDC has completed over 375 self-help homes; developed 529 units of affordable multi-family housing; and manages 845 units of multi-family affordable housing.

Satelitte Housing Inc.
Satelitte Housing was established by the Oakland Council of Churches in 1966 and over the past 40 years the organization has developed and now manages 17 communities serving over 1,350 low-income seniors and disabled adults.

Self-Help Enterprises
Self Help Enterprises was established in 1965 to improve the living conditions of low-income people in the eight-county San Joaquin Valley; now in its 41st tearm SHE has completed over 5,400 new self-help homes; built 18 multifamily housing communities, rehabilitated over 5,340 homes, and assisted 977 first-time homebuyers.

Self-Help Home Improvement Project
For 33 years, SHHIP has been helping the residents of Shasta, Tehama, and Trinity counties obtain decent and affordable housing while also providing assistance to qualified persons in the areas of housing, energy conservation, and water conservation.


Community Development Lending/Philanthropic Sector

Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco
With owner-members that include commercial banks, savings institutions and credit unions, and insurance companies, the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco is part of a network of (12) banks chartered by Congress in 1932 to provide low-cost credit to residential housing lenders. In its uniquely effective partnerships with local communities across California, the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco commits 10% of its income annually to provide development grants in order to support affordable housing and economic development projects throughout the state.


Public Sector


These are two leaders who have had a tremendous impact on affordable housing in California. Both served with distinction as Presidents Pro Tem of the California State Senate:

The Honorable David Roberti
Served for 28 years in the State Legislature where he earned a reputation for a thorough understanding of how to get things done in Sacramento. In addition to his work on behalf of housing, Mr. Roberti has led the charge to develop California’s hazardous waste management program. Please join me in recognizing David Roberti for his leadership

The Honorable John Burton
Has a distinctive record of public service, first in the California State Assembly, later as a US Representative, and ultimately as President Pro Tem of the California Senate from 1998 to 2002. Mr. Burton’s legislative agenda included infrastructure, campaign finance reform, financial aid for students, and salary increases for in-home care workers. On the housing front, the Senator’s role on increasing local funding to combat homelessness and leading the fight for the landmark Prop 46 housing initiative in 2002 – at $2.1 billion the largest ever in the U.S. – have been instrumental in improving the lives of thousands of low-income Californians.