After years of tireless work, CHC is thrilled to share that the legislature has finally taken action to turn the tide on the housing catastrophe. Late last night and today, the Legislature took action on our key bills with the support of Governor Brown.
It took tremendous collaboration, advocacy and education to move legislators from simply talking about the housing catastrophe to finally taking action on solutions, and we did it! Our key funding bills, SB 2 (Atkins) and SB 3 (Beall), passed the Assembly late Thursday night.  AB 72 (Santiago and Chiu), AB 1397 (Low) and AB 1505 (Bloom, Chiu and Gloria), measures that achieve enforcement of local planning obligations and provide tools for local governments to build inclusive communities, passed the Senate today (Friday). You can find our press release attached.

There is considerable work ahead given the depth of our state’s housing and poverty crisis but make no mistake, the action taken this week will create crucial affordable housing opportunities for our communities, and we look forward to seeing Governor Brown sign the housing package in the coming weeks.
For now, please take time to sincerely thank our elected leaders who worked with us to turn the tide on California’s crushing housing catastrophe and help struggling Californians have affordable homes. In particular, we want to thank the Governor, Sen. Atkins, Sen. Beall, Pro Tem de Leon, Speaker Rendon, Asm. Chiu, Asm. Bloom, Asm. Gloria, Asm. Low, Asm. Santiago and Asm.¬†Maienschein. Note that Asm. Maienschien was the only Republican member to vote for SB 2. We encourage you to thank them by calling their offices, sending an email or on Twitter – or all three ways.

In addition to the bills listed above, several other housing bills were also passed and will head to the Governor:

Thank you all for your years of effort and support!

Marina Wiant, Policy Director, and Ray Pearl, Executive Director