Affordable Housing Policy and Legislation:

Working together, lawmakers and Gov. Brown can turn things around and create a California where hardworking families, children, seniors, veterans and vulnerable residents have a place to call home. Through Assembly Bill 71 (Chiu, D-San Francisco) & Senate Bill 2 (Atkins, D-San Diego) California has the opportunity to invest in proven affordable-home programs, boost the economy and create jobs – all without general fund commitment. California’s affordable-home builders are encouraged that Gov. Brown has committed to work with the Legislature to reduce barriers to construction. To that end, we urge Brown to support Assembly Bill 72 (Santiago, D-Los Angeles) to promote the local accountability needed to ensure plans for affordable homes result in actual places for workers and families to live. Let’s commit to preserve California values of inclusion, health and economic opportunity – by fixing broken policies that deprive too many Californians of a place to call home.

June 2nd: Sacramento, CHC-supported bills that passed their respective houses before the House of Origin:

AB 72 (Santiago), which will strengthen the state’s ability to enforce laws aimed at achieving local housing goals, passed 44-16.

AB 74 (Chiu) would create a “Housing for a Healthy California” Program. The Program would fund rental assistance tied to services dollars included in programs like the Whole Person Care pilot and the Health Home Program. AB 74 is a one-time investment that would decrease Medi-Cal costs resulting from dramatic improvements in clinical outcomes.

AB 1397 (Low) The bill strengthens California’s Housing Element Law by ensuring that the inventories of land provided by local governments is actually suitable for residential development, passed by 41-19.

AB 1404 (Bloom) expands a CEQA infill exemption to include affordable housing projects in unincorporated areas of county, passed by 64-1

AB 1521 (Bloom) will strengthen the state’s Affordable Housing Preservation Law and help ensure that thousands of affordable homes at risk of conversion will be preserved, reduce the displacement of existing low-income residents, and prevent the state’s already large shortage of affordable rental homes from growing, passed by 43-21.

SB 3 (Beall) Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018 would authorize the issuance of bonds in the amount of $3,000,000,000 pursuant to the State General Obligation Bond Law. The measure will place a statewide $3 billion affordable housing General Obligation bond on Nov 2018 ballot, passed 30-9 with 27 democrats and 3 republicans.

SB 166 (Skinner) will help ensure that local governments maintain an on-going supply of appropriately zoned land to meet the housing needs of the jurisdiction, passed 28-12.

SB 167 (Skinner) will help ensure that local governments approve the projects necessary to meet the housing needs of the jurisdiction, passed the Senate 28-10.

Gov. Jerry Brown says the state’s housing crisis is his next priority, but reaching a deal won’t be easy

Ray Pearl, executive director of the California Housing Consortium, said he is disappointed that lawmakers, after a recent history of failed housing legislation, again put off a decision. But he’s encouraged that it’s now the top priority. “We’ve seen that when there is legislative and gubernatorial leadership, the two-thirds hurdle is high but not insurmountable,” Pearl […]

Assembly Democrats Release Statement on Affordable Housing

Statement on Affordable Housing For Immediate Release July 17, 2017 The Assemblymembers listed below today issued the following statement on the effort to address California’s housing affordability crisis:“Today’s affordable housing commitment by Governor Brown, Speaker Rendon, and Senate President pro Tempore de León is welcome news for all Californians who are suffering from crushing rents and unreachable […]

When will the Legislature take housing crisis seriously?

Sacramento Bee – The gap between wages and the cost of housing continues to grow across California. A worker making minimum wage needs to log more than 90 hours a week to rent a modest one-bedroom home. Even in areas typically more affordable for low-wage workers, such as the Central San Joaquin Valley, families struggle to find […]


Sacramento, CA (July 7th) – The California Housing Consortium (CHC) applauds the Senate’s approval today of Senate Bill 2 (Atkins) by vote of 27-12, the Building Homes and Jobs Act is a much-anticipated intervention to ease the state’s affordable housing crisis. The Building Homes and Jobs Act would establish a permanent funding source for affordable […]

California lawmakers have tried for 50 years to fix the state’s housing crisis. Here’s why they’ve failed

After an hour of debate, Herb Perez had had enough. Perez, a councilman in the Bay Area suburb of Foster City, was tired of planning for the construction of new homes to comply with a 50-year-old state law designed to help all Californians live affordably. Everyone knows, Perez told the crowd at a 2015 City […]

Industry Insight – CHC’s June Newsletter

This month’s edition of Industry Insight includes:
-A note from our Executive Director Ray Pearl
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