Affordable Housing Policy and Legislation:

Working together, lawmakers and Gov. Brown can turn things around and create a California where hardworking families, children, seniors, veterans and vulnerable residents have a place to call home. Through Assembly Bill 71 (Chiu, D-San Francisco) & Senate Bill 2 (Atkins, D-San Diego) California has the opportunity to invest in proven affordable-home programs, boost the economy and create jobs – all without general fund commitment.

California’s affordable-home builders are encouraged that Gov. Brown has committed to work with the Legislature to reduce barriers to construction. To that end, we urge Brown to support Assembly Bill 72 (Santiago, D-Los Angeles) to promote the local accountability needed to ensure plans for affordable homes result in actual places for workers and families to live. Let’s commit to preserve California values of inclusion, health and economic opportunity – by fixing broken policies that deprive too many Californians of a place to call home.

New Factsheet for SB 2 and AB 71

CHC partnered with Housing California to develop a Factsheet for SB 2 & AB 71 to inform decision-makers as they take action this year to address the state’s affordable housing crisis. These two pieces of legislation come at a crucial time for California, when state housing investment has plummeted by 69% in the last decade, […]

California’s Affordable Housing Crisis Must Be Addressed: Op-Ed published in SacBee by CHC Executive Director Ray Pearl

CHC Executive Director Ray Pearl was featured in today’s Sacramento Bee. His op-ed calls for a renewed commitment from California leaders to the values of inclusion, equity and opportunity by fixing Californias broken housing policies to ensure that all Californians have a safe place to live. “It’s clear that without action at the state level, […]

CHC Newsletter: January

In this issue…
– A Note From our Executive Director
– CHC Co-Sponsored Legislation
– 2017 Board of Directors
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– Affordable Housing in the News
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Support Letters – SB 2 & AB 71 Building Homes & Jobs Act

Please voice your support of SB 2, the Building Homes and Jobs Act.  Our community desperately needs the jobs and affordable places to live that this important legislation will help to generate. Click here to view the SB 2 sample support letter Build support for AB 71. This important legislation protects the mortgage interest deduction that […]

CHC responds to the Governor’s 2017 State of the State

Governor Jerry Brown delivered his annual State of the State address Tuesday morning, promising to defend California’s laws and values. Brown touched on key topics from immigration and jobs to healthcare and climate change, and offered a laundry list of the state’s recent accomplishments in his speech. Unfortunately, in the 1570 words used in his speech, not […]

CHC Newsletter: December

In this issue…
– A Note From our Executive Director
– CHC Event with the Terner Center for Housing Innovation
– Federal Policy Update
– Affordable Housing in the News
– Member Thank You