A severe shortage of affordable homes is creating poverty in California and putting our families and future at risk.
• State investment that is needed to break ground on affordable developments off the ground has plummeted 69% since 2008. Meanwhile, rents have skyrocketed across the state.
• Today, there is not a single county in California with enough affordable homes and apartments for the people who need them.

CHC is leading with solutions that put affordable homes in reach.
• CHC members build affordable homes that lift Californians out of poverty and build community strength.
• Through education and advocacy, CHC is working to increase funding and eliminate barriers to affordable development.

Home is the foundation for life. Join CHC to create affordable homes for Californians.

  • Visit our new website: Bring CA Home!
    Visit our new website: Bring CA Home!
    CHC is proud to announce the launch of the website BringCAHome.org to educate Californians on the roots of the affordability crisis and to empower Californians to make their voices heard on the solutions needed to fix these broken and backward state housing policies.
  • Join CHC
    Join CHC
    "Our members are the leaders in this industry, working as hard on CHC's work as they do in their "day jobs" to advocate for the important work we all do to ensure the availability of safe, decent, and affordable homes for all Californians." - Mary Kaiser, CHC Membership Vice Chair
  • 2017 Policy Forum & California Housing Hall of Fame Awards
    2017 Policy Forum & California Housing Hall of Fame Awards
    CHC welcomed a crowd of over three hundred affordable housing leaders to this year's Policy Forum & Housing Hall of Fame Awards in Santa Monica, on May 11, 2017.
  • The United Voice for Affordable Housing
    The United Voice for Affordable Housing
    CHC is a non-partisan advocate for the production and preservation of housing affordable to low- and moderate-income Californians. We represent the development, building, financial, and public sectors united in their goal that every Californian has a safe, affordable place to call home.
  • #CHC20
    Thanks to the Sponsors of CHC's 20th Anniversary.
  • 2015-2017 Strategic Plan
    2015-2017 Strategic Plan
    The CHC Board of Directors and staff dedicated 2014 to formulating a three-year Strategic Plan to guide the organization. While moving CHC forward is important, we are always mindful of our mission to be a non-partisan advocate for the production and preservation of housing affordable to low- and moderate-income Californians.

News & Events

Affordable housing crisis grips California

According to a 2015 report by the California Housing Consortium, one in five San Francisco County residents and one in three Los Angeles County residents spend more than half their income on rent. “The large volume of bills introduced is a step toward intervention in the crisis,” Ray Pearl, the executive director of the California Housing […]

An Unceasing Housing Crisis

California’s housing crisis isn’t easing anytime soon. That’s the message from the latest Anderson forecast, a quarterly economic analysis from UCLA. Projections show that rents will continue to surge, especially for low- and moderate-income people in coastal areas of California, and that home prices will continue to spiral out of reach for first-time home buyers. […]

Trump’s plan to cut public housing is a mistake for America

The 2018 budget that President Trump proposed serves as the starting point for negotiations about programs central to our nation’s success. While funding increases for security and defense are understandable given our nation’s security needs, the budget unnecessarily burdens low-income families by ignoring our nation’s severe affordable housing shortage and offering no valid policy reasons […]

CHC Media

CHC celebrates its 20th year!

California Housing Consortium Policy Director Marina Wiant, explores how eliminating the state mortgage interest deduction for vacation homes could help California build homes for its most vulnerable citizens.